We have BIG plans for The Homeland Project and the Interpretive Center- plans that we implement and work on just as fast as funds and volunteer hours will allow. Our energy and efforts over 2015-2016 were largely focused on building the Longhouse. At present, the Longhouse structure is complete and we are ready to begin tackling the landscaping and site work around the building.


In addition to the Longhouse, we have so many goals to accomplish with the entire Homeland Site (see Master Plan below).  The first of two pedestrian bridges was just set through grant funds.  We will be completing the work of approaches with donated funds. Additionally, we are looking to restore a significant portion of the site to its natural habitat. This work includes adding a new channel for the Wallowa river- a channel that meanders as it would have before it was dredged, with coho habitat and reintroduced native plants. 

Map of the homeland site

As these projects progress, we openly welcome volunteers to come and pitch in where they can.  So, if you have an interest in contributing in this way, please contact us at the office 541-886-3101 or email us at tamkaliks@gmail.com.

It shouldn't go without saying, that so much of what makes these BIG plans possible is the generousity of time and financial support of many individual donors from such incredibly varied backgrounds....and for that we say Qe’ciyew’yew’!   

Oregon Cultural Trust

Oregon Cultural Trust

Remember that you can match your gift to Wallowa Band Nez Perce Trail Interpretive Center with a gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust, which, if you pay any Oregon state taxes, will cost you nothing. That's because, while your donation qualifies as a tax deduction, the OCT donation is a tax credit. Contact the Oregon Cultural trust for more details on this program.