Program Coordinator Position

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Nez Perce Homeland in Wallowa is looking for a program coordinator. Nez Perce Homeland, or the Homeland Project, or Wallowa Band Nez Perce Homeland Interpretive Center, Inc., as it is still legally known, manages 320 acres on the edge of Wallowa with a dance arbor, interpretive signage, trails, camp spots, and a new Longhouse. 


The grounds is the site of the annual Tamkaliks Celebration, which brings Indian families of dancers, drummers, and campers from throughout the Plateau region together each July.  Indian youth groups, college classes, and hiking clubs also use the grounds, and visitors and local groups use the small office and interpretive building in downtown Wallowa for meetings and glimpses into Nez Perce history.


Homeland is looking for an energetic people person with some knowledge and a lot of curiosity about Nez Perce and local history and culture to work in the office, visit the reservations, and help a committed board and two very part-time staffers develop programs. Native foods, salmon runs, horses, and basketball are all part of the menu. 


If you have the basic skills and personality, if you are interested in a challenging but rewarding three-quarter time job at a reasonable but basically entry-level salary, please contact the Homeland office at 541-886-3101, or email with questions. Send resume and references to: Nez Perce Homeland/ PO Box 15/ Wallowa Oregon 97885. Applications are due March 31, and the job will begin mid-April.